Bendable Plywood

Bendable plywood, is a flexible plywood, constructed from timber known as Fuma. Originally, it was designed and manufactured for the boating industry and because of its bendable properties, it has been found to be the perfect alternative to “grooving” a board, i.e. bending it into a desired shape.

Bendyply is available in 3mm, 5mm, 8mm thickness, and comes in standard size sheets of 2440 x 1220m. Depending on the chosen application, there is a choice of “short” grain (bent along the 1220 width for counter fronts of 1 metre high) or “long” grain (bent along the 2440 length i.e. for columns of 2 metres high).

Bendable ply is very durable and obtains its strength and shape by laminating two similar thicknesses in the same grain direction. Bendyply also has no spring back memory thus is perfect for laminating two panels together into a held form or shape.

Bendyply can be used for curved counter fronts, follow through seats and chair backs, curved doors, columns and anything else that requires a curve.

The appearance of this product can be left in its original form or it can be enhanced by simply coating it with normal sealer and then applying finishing coats in clear or in solid colours.

For further enhancing one can manually apply a 3-ply, cross-banded veneer of your choice of species made to any size, obtainable from Veneer Laminators. Formica and stains can also be used for further decorative purposes. Bendyply is only available from Veneer Laminators – sole agents in KwaZulu-Natal.


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